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Custom Homes in Knoxville are Hot Market

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While existing home inventory is coming and going regularly in the Knoxville market, custom home building is still a great alternative and the number is growing. The custom home option provides a lot of flexibility, and with a good home builder can be just as cost-effective as buying an existing house. There are a lot of custom home builders in Knoxville, but you’ll want to choose one with experience, knowledge and the ability to bring your vision to life without blowing your budget (meaning they should keep the project ON budget!). Due your diligence in selecting a general contractor, and be sure to look at their website, browser reviews/testimonials, get feedback from friends, and interview them to learn more about their background, process and the resources they have available. They should also be great a communicating and keeping you updated on the progress of your new home project.

Check out this video on custom homes and the overall process for ideas!