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Tips for building a motorhome shelter or buy motorhome trailer cover

Simple, practical and comfortable, the motorhome is a real leisure vehicle to make beautiful trips and enjoy a beautiful holiday. However, it is obvious that you will probably not go on vacation all year, and it is appropriate to build a shelter to park your vehicle to protect it from the weather. But, making a shelter for your motorhome requires both time and a large number of predispositions to take to realize his project. Are you planning to build a well-adapted shelter to protect your motorhome from the vagaries of the weather? Looking for the best tips for your project? Do not be afraid! In this article, you will find the best tips for building functional, sustainable camping carports and which adapt ideally to the style of your home. Well, a motorhome shelter costs you more if you are looking for a cheaper solution then motorhome trailer cover is the best option. You can park your motorhome outside with motorhome trailer cover installed, a good quality motorhome trailer cover will protect it throughout the storage period.

Building a motorhome shelter: how to do it?

A motorhome without any protection is probably exposed to the alternative action of rain, sun, snow and salt-laden air. In order to avoid premature wear of the materials, it is essential to make every effort to build a shelter that is well adapted to your camper. Thus, you have the choice between a multitude of options or possibilities that are available to you nowadays. You can build a custom shelter tailored to the dimensions of your motorhome. You have the possibility to realize your custom made shelter in wood, metal and PVC or hard according to your budget. However, proceed with the construction of a motorhome shelter requires a small amount of expertise in the field of DIY. In contrast to hard shelters, wooden shelters are easier to mount and do not require enough effort. Motor home shelters are similar to carports for small cars. The difference lies in the dimensions because those of a carport are relatively smaller than those of a motorhome shelter.

If you think that you do not have the necessary skills to perform these types of work, do not hesitate to seek the services of a craftsman-reference. But, if you plan to build a wooden carport for your motorhome, do not hesitate to continue the adventure with us.

 To carry out administrative procedures

It is essential to check whether you have the necessary permits before proceeding with the construction of a motorhome shelter. Indeed, the location of your shelter, its dimensions, the choice of the form, the materials are sometimes regulated by the competent authorities of your area. So do not hesitate to make a declaration to the competent authorities of your municipality to obtain a building permit. Also, keep in mind that local taxes differ depending on a number of factors: the number of sections of the roof, the position of your shelter in relation to your home (whether attached to your home or not), the structure of your shelter ( open or closed), the region. So be sure to take all the administrative steps with the authorities in order to avoid any issues later.


Doing DIY closely involves the use of certain tools needed to complete the project. When planning to build or install a motorhome shelter, it is essential to equip yourself with the basic tools you need to carry out the work safely and in complete safety. So, you will need:

  • A square of mason;
  • A mason rule;
  • Scale ;
  • A tape measure;
  • A spirit level
  • A plumb line;
  • A hammer ;
  • A screwdriver drill;
  • A saw handsaw;
  • A screwdriver ;
  • Protective glasses;
  • A rope ;
  • A mallet.

You can, however, rent some tools before starting work when you do not have the means to buy them.


To build a motorhome shelter, it pays to buy a kit to mount. This seems simpler and requires less effort. The construction of a shelter to house your camper takes place in several stages. When you choose the necessary tools that can help you work in the best conditions and the kit to be assembled, it’s time to scrupulously follow each step to achieve an impeccable work, and this in the rules of art.

The first step is to prepare your land. Indeed, the surface on which you plan to work must be truly stable. Do not hesitate to prefer a concrete platform (terrace), because your construction must both withstand the weather and support the weight of your motorhome. Then you can:

  • Delimit your land with stakes or cords to establish the perimeter of your terrace;
  • Dig holes 11 cm in diameter and 63 cm deep;
  • Push the posts into the holes;
  • Check the plumb with a spirit level, fill the concrete holes and let them dry;
  • Tie a rope between 11 cm and 17 cm from the ground using pegs to check the alignment of your poles. When a portion of your motor home shelter is leaning against a wall in your home, fix your posts to the wall using a square or necklaces to create a relatively stronger construction;
  • Install side members (cross pieces), hold them together with clamps and check horizontal levels using your spirit level;
  • Take carpenter’s screws or bolts and your screwdriver and secure them securely;
  • Laying trestles or props to further solidify the construction
  • Connect the two front and rear parts of your shelter using the sleepers;
  • Fix the rafters likely to receive the covers every 50 or 60 cm;
  • Proceed to the laying of the edge boards;
  • Apply several layers of stain or paint depending on the nature of your wood.

The final step is to customize your construction to the type of roof covering, gutters, and accessories you want. It is up to you to make your choices according to your preference and your budget. All these tasks require time and commitment if you don’t have time or a place to build motorhome shelter go for motorhome trailer covers, you can park your motorhome in parking area. The motorhome trailer cover will be helpful while traveling on the other hand motorhome shelter will only be available at one place.